Fantastic Friends

This weekend I went to visit my dear old friend Kelly (today is her 30th birthday, Happy Birthday Kelly).  Every time I go to visit Kelly and her husband Ryan I am struck by what incredibly good people they are.  I always leave feeling like I am a better person because I know them.  I know it sounds sappy, but its true.  I want to take a moment to tell you about these people.  Kelly is active in her church and is completely devoted to helping people in whatever way she can.  She can make you laugh at anything and find a bright side to most everything.  Ryan will do anything for his family including suffering through monthly visits from me, just because he knows Kelly likes having me around.  He stays at home with Ben, their son, so that Kelly can drag me to all the movies she has been wanting to see (it’s okay Kelly, you know I love going to the movies).  Ryan always carries my bags in for me even after I protest (okay, I don’t protest too much)  He either buys, or makes breakfast every morning and he doesn’t complain.  Ryan and Kelly adopted a little boy from Vietnam last year and they are fabulous parents.  I know it is difficult trying to parent a 4 year old that doesn’t speak much English, but they are doing great.  Their son is happy and thriving, and pretty fun to hang out with.

Finally the event that started this whole love fest…The day I left for my visit I got my license plates renewed and for those of you that don’t know you get actual new plates this time instead of a sticker.  I don’t have the proper toolage for removing my plates so when I get to Kelly and Ryan’s I ask Ryan if he could change the plates.  Of course he says.  Well nothing is easy when it comes to my stuff and Ryan ends up having to go to Wal-Mart buy WD-40 (which he wouldn’t let me pay for) and then eventually saw off one of the bolts so that he can put this plate on.  It took about an hour and it wasn’t cool outside.

See what I mean?  They are just really nice, good people and I’m glad I get to be included in their world.

Kelly and Ryan before our friend\'s wedding in 2002.

Kelly and Ryan in 2002


2 responses to this post.

  1. First of all – love the blog title. Secondly, you couldn’t pay for the WD40 b/c you paid for my outrageously expensive spinach artichoke dip appetizer AND for the movies b/c I forgot my new debit password. Thirdly, we really aren’t that good, it’s an illusion. You should have seen us last night when it got up to 95 degrees in our house and ben was throwing a fit until midnight!!! NOT good times!

    We LOVE seeing you and I’m SO glad to have you to go to movies with!! LOVE YOU and I’m adding a link to your new blog onto my blog. Now we’re blogtastic!


  2. Posted by thebenshow on July 8, 2008 at 1:44 am

    Katie, continuing the love fest, I’m so happy that Kelly has you for a friend. She shines when you’re around and it’s always so nice to see her have a chance to relax with her old pal. For anyone else reading this, Katie is an amazing friend (to both of us), bringing gifts for us and our son and taking us out to eat for our birthdays, and this time around Katie also brought possibly the bestest gift of all… Katie brought a video tape of her and Kelly and some other friends lip synching to music in their dorm rooms when they were all back in college!! It was almost magical to see my wife and her friends before I knew any of them, exuding the confidence and joy of youth! I count myself lucky to know you, Katie and I’m looking forward to your next visit (don’t worry, we won’t have a house full next time!). You have to come down in August to celebrate the start of a new school year!


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