What I’ve been up to…

It occured to me I haven’t posted in a while so here’s a quick update on what I’ve been doing on my summer vacation.  

My former roommate got married last Saturday.  It was beautiful.  I had to read and I admit I was a tad bit nervous.  People get the impression that because you are a teacher you must have no problems with public speaking.  This is not true at least for me.  Laura knew this and was a bit worried about asking me to read, but I sucked it up and said yes.  Then what do I do?  I pick the longest passage (it wasn’t really that long).  It was Ecclesiastes chaper 4 verses 9-12.  I picked this one because my friend Kelly referenced it in her blog “a chord of three strands is not quickly broken”  Then a week before the wedding I realize I have to get up in front of a church full of people and say the word Ecclesiastes without messing up.  Needless to say I said that word a rediculous number of times the following week.  Anyway…the reading went fine, my hands shook the entire time and I didn’t look up once, but gosh darn it I said Ecclesiastes right.  The entire wedding went off without a hitch.  Laura and Matt just got back from their honeymoon today and all is well with the Adams family.  I’ve posted some pics from the ceremony and reception.


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