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Labor Day weekend

This weekend I went to visit my wonderful friends Kelly and Ryan.  On Sunday Kelly, Ben and I drove up to see Lynn and her new baby.  Our friend Stacy had also decided to drive in for the weekend.  She and her friend Madeline drove 14 hours from Winnipeg.  It was great spending the afternoon with my college girls.  We haven’t all been together since Kelly’s wedding in 2003.   Lynn and I went up to Nova Scotia to visit Stacy in 2004 and since then it’s just been emails.  Kelly is the only one that I see on a regular basis because she only lives about an hour away. Here are some pictures from this weekend.

On a different note…this weekend Kelly and I saw the movie Hamlet 2 on Saturday.  It was a great movie.  It was very funny and you really began to feel bad about the lead character.  Kelly liked it so much she tried to get Ryan to see it with her the next night, but alas there were no more showings.