I hate to admit…

My friend Kelly tagged me to name 4 things I hate to admit.  I have never been tagged before, but from reading Kelly’s fabulous blog I can assume it is proper etiquette to respond.  This is proving difficult because I am being asked to post on the internet the very things I hate to admit, but here goes…

1.  I love cheesy romance novels.  Yes, I know Kelly referenced this in her blog as well, but oh well.  Now, I enjoy other books as well, but sometimes you just need a good romance (preferably a thriller or historical).  I love that the guy is overly protective of the girl, I love that they are conflicted about their feelings and I love that it always, ALWAYS, ends happily.

2.  I get extremely nervous when I am with a large group of people I don’t know very well.  I worry too much about what people are thinking and I obsess over the fact that I may do something embarrassing.  It takes me awhile to loosen up and take part in conversations.  Unfortunately, once I do loosen up it’s very hard to shut me up.

3.  I love horror movies, all horror movie, even the cheesy ones.  However, I have never been able to watch a scary movie without hiding my eyes.  I have, over the years, learned that if I close my eyes, or look at the bottom of the screen, the people I am with can’t tell that I’m not watching.  So, Lincoln and Marnin and whoever else may see a scary movie with me in the future…if something cool happens on the screen, don’t nudge me and ask if I saw that, the answer will most likely be no.

4.  I watch way too much tv.  It is my escape.  I am such a nerd that every fall I create a spreadsheet showing all the major networks’ fall schedules.  I highlight the new shows and then decide what will be recorded where.  I am embarrassed to admit how many shows I tivo and try to keep up with, but I will try to list them in order of importance…Bones, Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds, CSI:NY, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Fringe, Chuck, Heroes, Desperate Housewives, Extreme Home Makeover, House, Primeval, Skins, Ghost Hunters, Torchwood, 90210, The Mentalist, Samantha Who, My Own Worst Enemy, The Ex List, NCIS, 2 1/2 men, Brothers and Sisters, Family Guy, The Daily Show, Crusoe.  Yes, I do watch them all and that doesn’t include the summer shows of which there are at least 5.

And while I’m on the subject that new Christian Slater show, My Own Worst Enemy, was really good.

Well, the only people I could tag with this have already been tagged, except my friend Lisa who has a great blog devoted to websites where you can find coupons and contests.  So consider yourself tagged Lisa.


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