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Self torture

I was talking with my friend, Lorie, the other day about what we have been doing on our Christmas break.  She mentioned some of the movies she had watched saying how she loves to torture herself on breaks by watching romantic comedies that make you laugh, cry and ultimately feel bad about yourself. 

I totally get where she’s coming from.  As a single girl I watch these movies and cheer on the characters.  I am happy when they inevitably end up together, then as I leave the theater a little part of me wonders “why hasn’t that happened to me?”   I don’t go home and cry into my pillow, much, but the thought is always there.   I don’t think I am pathetic.  I think this is a natural reaction that single women have seeing these movies.  It seems a bit masochistic at times.  Do I want to see another movie that will make me feel bad about my current relationship status.  The answer, every time, is yes and maybe just for fun I’ll see it twice.  In honor of Lorie, and my other single friends I present my list of my favorite romantic comedies that make me laugh, cry, and ultimately feel bad about myself (if only for a moment).

27 Dresses-Having been a bridesmaid a few times myself and having just finished helping to plan my younger sister’s wedding, I get where Jane’s coming from.   I’ve already watched this 1 1/2 times over break. This clip is one of my favs from the film.  It’s not the happy ending, although that part’s great too.

The Truth about Cats and Dogs – This movie speaks to me.  I totally identify with Janeane Garofalo’s character.  The beach scene is great!

Clueless-“Oh my gosh!  I love Josh!”  Paul Rudd is great.  This is a movie that I will switch to whenever it is on, no matter what I should be doing.  Ironically, not one I own.  Maybe it would take away from the greatness if I were able to watch whenever I wanted. 

10 Things I Hate about You-I would be embarrassed beyond belief if something like this happened to me, but that doesn’t stop me from thoroughly enjoying these moments in film.  Heath Ledger-sorely missed.

Love Actually-Okay, this scene might not be so bad in real life.  Great Christmas movie.  Colin Firth’s storyline definitely my favorite.

Bridget Jones’s Diary-Speaking of Colin Firth…gotta love Mark Darcy.  I loved this book and the movie didn’t disappoint me either.  She is always bumbling through social situations.  It reminds me of me.

Someone Like You-Don’t you just love fan videos on youtube?  This movie didn’t get enough credit.  It’s funny.  It has Hugh Jackman.  Watch it just for the Old Cow theory.

Sweet Home Alabama-Ah rekindling love from the past…and it has Ethan Embry in it whom I love.

The Matchmaker-This movie has many of my favorite things in it.  Ireland, Janeane Garofalo, Ireland, Dennis Leary, Ireland.   Oh and it takes place in Ireland.

What Happens in Vegas-This is a great film.  You should see it just for the last scene during the credits…”You know why!”

The Princess Bride-This is my favorite movie. The “to the pain” speech,  I used to have it memorized.  When my friend Annie and I were young we would watch this movie all the time.  We would pause it during this scene when he stands up and says, “drop your sword.”  When I bought this on DVD I called Annie and excitedly told her that we could now pause the drop your sword scene without any lines across the screen.  Oh the wonders of DVD!

Wow, I am stopping myself at 11 movies.  I could go on and maybe I will do a sequel to this post in the future.  Feb. 14th is looking pretty good.  I leave you with one last clip that I found while perusing youtube. SIGH


Favorite Christmas Moment 2008

My 80 year old grandmother bowling on my parents’ new Wii.  She was having a ball.  She hasn’t been bowling in a while because of time and physical restraints, but she kicked all of our butts Christmas morning.  She was dancing around whenever she got a strike and giving me pointers on hooking the ball.  Now my grandma wants a Wii.

Here are some pictures of Grandma and Dad bowling and my cousins, Megan and Alex, playing tennis and boxing.

This is craziness…

I am typing this blog at 2pm as I sit at home.  Why am I not at work you ask?  I have been asking myself that question all morning.  This morning at 5:30 I awoke to the phone ringing.  Why would anyone be calling me this early in the morning?  My roommate stumbles out of her room asking what’s going on.  It was then that I heard the automated system that calls us on snow days begin on the machine followed by the prerecorded voice of our superintendent telling us that the gravel roads are a solid layer of ice.  I look at my roommate in surprise and say “we don’t have school” (she too, is a teacher).  We both go to the door to see this “ice” that is screwing up our schedules.  I open the door, step onto my wet, not icy, porch and take in the near 50 degree temperatures.  We look at each other in amazement, wondering exactly how far reaching our school district is that there are still roads that are solid sheets of ice.  I start to receive texts from friends asking what is wrong, why did they cancel school.  My only reply is, “I don’t know.”  Normally I am psyched about snow days, but I had plans to give some tests and grade some projects the kids were finishing up.  We are also now going to have to make up our multiplication banana split party and our monthly fire safety presentation.  We go back for a day and a half next week, but these days are filler days.  We are doing building wide Holiday activities, choir concerts, holiday parties.  I won’t even have my own class for most of the day Monday.  I will leave you with this plea…pray that my room parent is planning a good party for Tuesday, for I have been unable to reach her on these snow days.  I have received only a note on Thursday telling me she will be happy to help…GULP

My five day weekend

Yes, it’s true.  We had three snow days this week.  I loved it.  I got to visit Kelly over the weekend.  I helped her with her 12 days of good deeds.  Check them out here.  We went to see Australia and I liked it the second time.  Kelly and I stayed up late and then Ben woke me up early wanting to watch cartoons.  (I slept on the couch, so he would wander in when he woke up).  I think Kelly and Ryan might have felt bad about him getting me up, but I really didn’t  mind (although I did grumble a bit when he woke me up at 6:30 on Sunday)  There is just nothing annoying about waking up to a kid that wants to cuddle and watch cartoons.  I drove home Sunday evening trying to beat the impending doom that was predicted.  I beat the ice, but drove smack dab into the rain.  There were times people were going 40 on the highway.  Not fun.  I got ahead of the storm.  That night the ice began and at 5:15 the next morning school was called off.  Our roads were pretty icy, but when I went out at 4:30 I thought for sure that we would have school the next day.  Nope when I left the grocery store at 5:15 everything had iced back over.  Our city spent all it’s time the next day trying to keep the main roads clean so by that evening none of the side roads had been touched…another snow day.   I could really get used to sleeping until 9:30 every day.  I spend my snow days making breakfast and baking so over the course of the snow days I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon french toast, blueberry pancakes, and banana muffins.  I also got a bunch of laundry done and caught up on the Tivo.  Needless to say it was difficult to drag myself back today and my lesson plans for the week were shot.  The kids were crazy nuts…five days off AND one week until Christmas.  We spent the day trying to cram all the math we should have learned this week into one day.  I ended the day with a headache and the realization that grades are due the day after we get back from break and I just lost a week of important grade taking time.  But I still enjoyed my three days off and wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Christmas Lights

I went on a walk through of a Christmas Light display tonight.  I was worried that I wouldn’t get to do it because it was raining, freezing to things and downright dreary.  Wouldn’t you know it, the rain stopped just in time to look at the lights.  We watched fireworks over the lake (pond?) We also got to see Santa and a real live reindeer.  I know I am 31 years old and have known the truth about you know who for a good long time, but I can’t help getting excited whenever I see Santa.  I almost jumped up and down when they brought out the live reindeer.  I loved it.  I am very much in the Christmas spirit and now, 3 hours later, I have almost completely thawed out.

Just one more thing…

Yay, it’s snowing on my blog!

Family Reunion and giving to charity

This weekend I went to another family reunion.  This time it was my paternal grandma’s family.  The funny thing is that my grandma is an only child, so these people we get together with are actually descendants of her father’s brother’s and sisters.  We are so many times removed that we’re barely related.  This side of the family is a hoot.  They know how to throw a party.  I find that when I am around them I am the quiet reserved one.  They are loud, rambunctious and tons of fun.  There is usually a lot of alcohol involved, but that seems to just add to the fun.  (I was sober).  I learned on Saturday that there is nothing that they won’t talk about as one of my cousins talked about her four sons’ sexual behavior and her mother, who is in her 70’s, was joking about things similar in nature that I don’t feel comfortable typing in a public forum.  It was shocking and hilarious and it made me realize how much I love my family.  They never stop surprising me.

Also this weekend I went to see the movie Australia.  Wehrenberg Theaters has something every year called the Cans Film Festival.  If you donate 5 canned food items you get to see a movie for free before 5pm.  If you donate 15 you get the movie for free, plus a pass for another free movie at a later date.  The movie was fantastic.  I have a whole new appreciation for Hugh Jackman, his acting and his body.  This movie reminded me of older movies, sprawling epics.  The kid in it is a new actor and he was so cute!   He was a pretty good actor too.  In fact, people should see the movie just because that kid is so freakin’ cute and good.