November in review

It seems as though I might only get to this thing once a month, but I am going to try to do better.  From now on I am going to try to post at least once a week.  I can’t promise more than that.

So November was a busy month.  On the 12th I celebrated my 31st birthday.  My sister and Brian came into town to get their marriage license, seeing me on my b-day was just a bonus.  We went out to eat with the folks at one of my favorite restaurants, 54th Street.  After that Marnin and Lorie took me to see Role Models.  It was hilarious.  Normally I am a bit leery about movies like that, but this one made me laugh out loud a lot.  When I got home Kelly had written this very nice blog entry about me.  She blogged just about every day in November, overachiever.  (We won’t mention that she technically forgot my birthday until I called her to ask about the wedding and she wanted to know why everyone was taking me to dinner and movies.  I still love you Kelly)  That weekend another friend had a birthday party on Friday and then my friends took me out to Main Street, St. Charles for dinner and drinks.  Finally, Lincoln gave me his ticket to Sweeney Todd on Sunday.  Overall a really great birthday week.

The next week was crazy busy.  We had progress report grades due on Thursday afternoon.  Then, on Thursday night/Friday morning a group of us saw Twilight.  I thought it was really well done.  They left out some of the parts I liked from the book, but they did a great job of maintaining the story.  Anyway, after getting only 3 hours of sleep I got up and taught on Friday.  Luckily it was only a half day with meetings the other half.  Unluckily I had to work out right after work and then I had stupidly signed up to chaperon our PTO movie night that evening.  Needless to say at about 8pm one of the other teachers told me to go home because I looked dead on my feet.

Finally that brings me to Thanksgiving weekend.  Normally I would spend this weekend eating Turkey on Thursday and doing nothing except maybe watching some movies the rest of the weekend.  I usually try to watch White Christmas on Thanksgiving weekend because I feel it is a proper way to bring in the Christmas season.   Well, this Thanksgiving weekend my little sister got married.  It was quite the busy weekend.  I learned the valuable lesson that if you go for 2 days and only drink a couple bottles of Diet Pepsi you tend to get really lightheaded and dizzy, or maybe that’s just me.  It’s okay though, I drank lots of water and was fine for the wedding.  The wedding itself went great, easiest wedding I’ve ever been in.  Most people did leave earlier than expected due to the giant snowflakes falling from the sky.  Anyway it was very nice.  My mom and her friend Peggy did a wonderful job of decorating the hall and everyone seemed to have fun.  My bestest college friend, Kelly, was the photographer and for her first time shooting weddings I think she did great.  Here are some of the pictures she has emailed me so far.

So now that brings me to December 1st.  Hopefully I will have another post in the next week, but don’t hold your breath.  If you know me at all you know that I tend to forget…


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