Family Reunion and giving to charity

This weekend I went to another family reunion.  This time it was my paternal grandma’s family.  The funny thing is that my grandma is an only child, so these people we get together with are actually descendants of her father’s brother’s and sisters.  We are so many times removed that we’re barely related.  This side of the family is a hoot.  They know how to throw a party.  I find that when I am around them I am the quiet reserved one.  They are loud, rambunctious and tons of fun.  There is usually a lot of alcohol involved, but that seems to just add to the fun.  (I was sober).  I learned on Saturday that there is nothing that they won’t talk about as one of my cousins talked about her four sons’ sexual behavior and her mother, who is in her 70’s, was joking about things similar in nature that I don’t feel comfortable typing in a public forum.  It was shocking and hilarious and it made me realize how much I love my family.  They never stop surprising me.

Also this weekend I went to see the movie Australia.  Wehrenberg Theaters has something every year called the Cans Film Festival.  If you donate 5 canned food items you get to see a movie for free before 5pm.  If you donate 15 you get the movie for free, plus a pass for another free movie at a later date.  The movie was fantastic.  I have a whole new appreciation for Hugh Jackman, his acting and his body.  This movie reminded me of older movies, sprawling epics.  The kid in it is a new actor and he was so cute!   He was a pretty good actor too.  In fact, people should see the movie just because that kid is so freakin’ cute and good.


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