My five day weekend

Yes, it’s true.  We had three snow days this week.  I loved it.  I got to visit Kelly over the weekend.  I helped her with her 12 days of good deeds.  Check them out here.  We went to see Australia and I liked it the second time.  Kelly and I stayed up late and then Ben woke me up early wanting to watch cartoons.  (I slept on the couch, so he would wander in when he woke up).  I think Kelly and Ryan might have felt bad about him getting me up, but I really didn’t  mind (although I did grumble a bit when he woke me up at 6:30 on Sunday)  There is just nothing annoying about waking up to a kid that wants to cuddle and watch cartoons.  I drove home Sunday evening trying to beat the impending doom that was predicted.  I beat the ice, but drove smack dab into the rain.  There were times people were going 40 on the highway.  Not fun.  I got ahead of the storm.  That night the ice began and at 5:15 the next morning school was called off.  Our roads were pretty icy, but when I went out at 4:30 I thought for sure that we would have school the next day.  Nope when I left the grocery store at 5:15 everything had iced back over.  Our city spent all it’s time the next day trying to keep the main roads clean so by that evening none of the side roads had been touched…another snow day.   I could really get used to sleeping until 9:30 every day.  I spend my snow days making breakfast and baking so over the course of the snow days I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon french toast, blueberry pancakes, and banana muffins.  I also got a bunch of laundry done and caught up on the Tivo.  Needless to say it was difficult to drag myself back today and my lesson plans for the week were shot.  The kids were crazy nuts…five days off AND one week until Christmas.  We spent the day trying to cram all the math we should have learned this week into one day.  I ended the day with a headache and the realization that grades are due the day after we get back from break and I just lost a week of important grade taking time.  But I still enjoyed my three days off and wouldn’t trade them for anything.


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