This is craziness…

I am typing this blog at 2pm as I sit at home.  Why am I not at work you ask?  I have been asking myself that question all morning.  This morning at 5:30 I awoke to the phone ringing.  Why would anyone be calling me this early in the morning?  My roommate stumbles out of her room asking what’s going on.  It was then that I heard the automated system that calls us on snow days begin on the machine followed by the prerecorded voice of our superintendent telling us that the gravel roads are a solid layer of ice.  I look at my roommate in surprise and say “we don’t have school” (she too, is a teacher).  We both go to the door to see this “ice” that is screwing up our schedules.  I open the door, step onto my wet, not icy, porch and take in the near 50 degree temperatures.  We look at each other in amazement, wondering exactly how far reaching our school district is that there are still roads that are solid sheets of ice.  I start to receive texts from friends asking what is wrong, why did they cancel school.  My only reply is, “I don’t know.”  Normally I am psyched about snow days, but I had plans to give some tests and grade some projects the kids were finishing up.  We are also now going to have to make up our multiplication banana split party and our monthly fire safety presentation.  We go back for a day and a half next week, but these days are filler days.  We are doing building wide Holiday activities, choir concerts, holiday parties.  I won’t even have my own class for most of the day Monday.  I will leave you with this plea…pray that my room parent is planning a good party for Tuesday, for I have been unable to reach her on these snow days.  I have received only a note on Thursday telling me she will be happy to help…GULP


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