Self torture

I was talking with my friend, Lorie, the other day about what we have been doing on our Christmas break.  She mentioned some of the movies she had watched saying how she loves to torture herself on breaks by watching romantic comedies that make you laugh, cry and ultimately feel bad about yourself. 

I totally get where she’s coming from.  As a single girl I watch these movies and cheer on the characters.  I am happy when they inevitably end up together, then as I leave the theater a little part of me wonders “why hasn’t that happened to me?”   I don’t go home and cry into my pillow, much, but the thought is always there.   I don’t think I am pathetic.  I think this is a natural reaction that single women have seeing these movies.  It seems a bit masochistic at times.  Do I want to see another movie that will make me feel bad about my current relationship status.  The answer, every time, is yes and maybe just for fun I’ll see it twice.  In honor of Lorie, and my other single friends I present my list of my favorite romantic comedies that make me laugh, cry, and ultimately feel bad about myself (if only for a moment).

27 Dresses-Having been a bridesmaid a few times myself and having just finished helping to plan my younger sister’s wedding, I get where Jane’s coming from.   I’ve already watched this 1 1/2 times over break. This clip is one of my favs from the film.  It’s not the happy ending, although that part’s great too.

The Truth about Cats and Dogs – This movie speaks to me.  I totally identify with Janeane Garofalo’s character.  The beach scene is great!

Clueless-“Oh my gosh!  I love Josh!”  Paul Rudd is great.  This is a movie that I will switch to whenever it is on, no matter what I should be doing.  Ironically, not one I own.  Maybe it would take away from the greatness if I were able to watch whenever I wanted. 

10 Things I Hate about You-I would be embarrassed beyond belief if something like this happened to me, but that doesn’t stop me from thoroughly enjoying these moments in film.  Heath Ledger-sorely missed.

Love Actually-Okay, this scene might not be so bad in real life.  Great Christmas movie.  Colin Firth’s storyline definitely my favorite.

Bridget Jones’s Diary-Speaking of Colin Firth…gotta love Mark Darcy.  I loved this book and the movie didn’t disappoint me either.  She is always bumbling through social situations.  It reminds me of me.

Someone Like You-Don’t you just love fan videos on youtube?  This movie didn’t get enough credit.  It’s funny.  It has Hugh Jackman.  Watch it just for the Old Cow theory.

Sweet Home Alabama-Ah rekindling love from the past…and it has Ethan Embry in it whom I love.

The Matchmaker-This movie has many of my favorite things in it.  Ireland, Janeane Garofalo, Ireland, Dennis Leary, Ireland.   Oh and it takes place in Ireland.

What Happens in Vegas-This is a great film.  You should see it just for the last scene during the credits…”You know why!”

The Princess Bride-This is my favorite movie. The “to the pain” speech,  I used to have it memorized.  When my friend Annie and I were young we would watch this movie all the time.  We would pause it during this scene when he stands up and says, “drop your sword.”  When I bought this on DVD I called Annie and excitedly told her that we could now pause the drop your sword scene without any lines across the screen.  Oh the wonders of DVD!

Wow, I am stopping myself at 11 movies.  I could go on and maybe I will do a sequel to this post in the future.  Feb. 14th is looking pretty good.  I leave you with one last clip that I found while perusing youtube. SIGH


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  1. Everyone does that – I know i used to. I’d stay up until like mid-night in grad school and watch those movies and then write these long letters in a journal about hopefully having love someday – swoon.

    It’ll happen. Oh – and thanks for helping me waste 30 minutes! How was Benj Butt?


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