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Moving On

100_0089One of my best friends is moving tomorrow. She is off to pursue her dream of flying and is moving to upstate NY to make that dream come true. I met Marnin nine years ago during our first year of teaching. We really started to bond when we volunteered to teach a weather class together in summer school. She soon became one of my best movie buddies and I found myself spending quite a lot of time hanging out at her house. Three years ago Marnin moved from our quaint little town to a larger town about 45 minutes up the road (that’s me driving, it takes her less than 30). She got a different teaching job at a closer school. I was worried that this would hurt our friendship, but no, even through the gas crisis of last summer we still saw each other about once a week. Since we were both teachers it became very common for me to camp out at her house for a few days because I was just to lazy to drive home. Yesterday a group of us got together for a good-by lunch at Marnin’s favorite restaurant. At the end of the lunch I had to give back the key to her apartment that I have had for the past 3 years. One of our friends commented that it was like the end of Friends and I got a bit teary. The boyfriend is apparently waiting for me to lose it completely. I will be heading up to visit my dear friend in a couple of weeks. I have told the boyfriend to be prepared for me to be an emotional wreck.
Good Luck Marnin. Happy Flying!

Lorie and Marnin making model faces.

Lorie and Marnin making model faces.


I got it!

I found out today that I got the librarian position at my school. I will now be teaching about reading genres, helping students choose quality literature and teaching them technology skills. I am a little nervous about what the job entails, but I am signing up for classes and I am going to study up on the Internet. Now my last big hurdle is passing the PRAXIS so I can get my certification. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes, my phone hasn’t stopped ringing today.

Deep Breath

nervousOkay, interview is over. It only lasted about 20 minutes. A room with 6 of my colleagues, the assistant principal and the principal. They just went around the really hot room asking questions. I think I did okay. I could have done better. I think my saving grace will be the plan I typed up with ideas I have for the library. A couple of my friends were on the panel as well, these helped calm my nerves. I should probably find out next week. Keep your fingers crossed.

Saving Money

I was just checking out my friend’s blog, savings and sweeps, and I felt I should mention it on here. She puts together a list of great deals and provides links to coupons put out by the manufacturer. She is able to save A LOT of money on groceries around $50 at times. I have just printed out coupons to get 3 boxes of Kraft Mac and Cheese for $0.69 each and registered for free samples of 2 different shampoos. Check it out.

Summer and new possibilities

Why is it that I am tired all the time? Summer is wearing me out. The boyfriend commented that I always seem tired until it’s time for bed, then I can’t sleep. I slept for 10-12 hours both days this weekend and I am still tired. I think part of it is that I really don’t want to be teaching summer school. I am only doing it because I want the paycheck.
I am also in the running for the librarian job at my school. I really want this job and I interview on Thursday. I have been doing a lot of prep work so that I can prove I am the best person for the job. I am really nervous. I look really good on paper, but I have a difficult time selling myself in person. I have trouble conveying self confidence. They should make a decision pretty quickly because the other 2 people up for the job are also teachers and they would need to fill our positions. I’ll post updates on here as they happen.