Summer and new possibilities

Why is it that I am tired all the time? Summer is wearing me out. The boyfriend commented that I always seem tired until it’s time for bed, then I can’t sleep. I slept for 10-12 hours both days this weekend and I am still tired. I think part of it is that I really don’t want to be teaching summer school. I am only doing it because I want the paycheck.
I am also in the running for the librarian job at my school. I really want this job and I interview on Thursday. I have been doing a lot of prep work so that I can prove I am the best person for the job. I am really nervous. I look really good on paper, but I have a difficult time selling myself in person. I have trouble conveying self confidence. They should make a decision pretty quickly because the other 2 people up for the job are also teachers and they would need to fill our positions. I’ll post updates on here as they happen.


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