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Vacations and tests

So I’ve been out of touch for the past 2 weeks.  Busy, busy, busy I have been.  I left at 5 am on Wednesday the 15th for a long drive to upstate NY.  I was riding with my friend Rachel, her 6 year old son, 3 year old daughter and 1 1/2 year old dog.  The drive ended up taking 16.5 hours.  That’s right we did it all in one trip.  It wasn’t too bad, but I was walking like an old woman by the end of the trip.  Some pics of the drive are below with a small sampling of my other vaca pics.

I had fun visiting with Marnin and Rachel the week I was in NY.  Marnin and I drove into the Adirondacks twice.  The 3 of us went to the Ikea store in New Haven, CT for their big clearance sale and on Tuesday we got to go the the parade to kick off the county fair.  The fair was fun.  The vendors sold seafood which was a new treat for a midwestern girl used to only seeing pork and beef at the fairs.  I had a gator burger which was delicious.

So when I got back from NY I only had a day and a half in town before I had to drive across state to take my Praxis for the librarian job.  I had spent some time studying on my trip, but I was still about worried.  My mom and I drove up on Friday night and by the time we got there I had a horrible headache.  I sometimes get these migraines when my allergies (sinuses) act up.  I took some medicine and figured I would be okay in the morning.  When I woke up my headache was gone, but I was still feeling a little off.  Well, lucky me, while eating breakfast I had to run to the bathroom to throw up.  This was not the best way to go into the test.  Needless to say I spent the first hour of the test time (luckily the instruction time) concentrating on not getting sick during the test.  I managed to make it throught the test, although I am not sure how well I did.  My stomach has not been my friend since then.  I went into my classroom today to work and ended up leaving after only 5 hours.  I am pretty sure I have what everyone in NY had.  Did I mention that while visiting with them everyone in Rachel’s family got a stomach bug, all on different days?  Also, when I was on my second flight home there was a little girl behing me who was sick.  She was making good use of the “sick sacks” before the plane even began moving.  I am hoping that this is gone by tomorrow, because I have to have everything out of my old classroom by Friday.


July 3rd BBQ pics

as promised, pictures from my friends’ bbq


Why is it that whenever you try to better yourself it cost money? Let me explain…I am finishing my master’s degree in educational technology, to do this I needed to pay about $100 to take the GRE just to be able to apply. I also had to pay a $45 application fee just so they would consider my application into the program. Then, of course, the classes are costing me about $1000 a pop. I got a new job as the school librarian which I am thrilled about. In order to have this job I must take another test which costs $85. Now, I am looking for study guides for this test because I hear it is hard and I don’t know much about the tiny details of running a school library. I go online and find a few books and flashcard sets, but they are going to cost me around $40 each. I finally find a downloadable ebook for $25. It is 76 pages long, so if I want to print it out to take on my vacation next week, it looks like I will have to buy more ink. My only hope is that I can download it to a flash drive and then take it with me to read on my friend’s computer.

Happy 4th

img_0621This weekend I got to experience for the first time trying to juggle multiple family functions on the same day.  Since I have never dated a boy I deemed worthy of introducing to the whole family I never had to worry about where I would be on family days.  This year we were invited to a gathering at my family’s house as well as a gathering at the bf’s family farm.  The bf had family in town from out of state and I had never met his extended family so we made the decision to do his family thing.  Luckily my family thing started at 3 and his started around 5 so we were able to go to my parents’ house for about an hour and a half and the bf got to meet my sister and her husband.

We then drove the 30 minutes to the family farm.  As we drove up the really long lane I see a mass of people just standing and watching our approach.  My already tenuous grip on my nerves then slipped a notch.  (A little something about me:  I may be a teacher, but I have this social anxiety problem when it comes to people I don’t know.  I tend to freak out in groups of stranger.  I have affectionately dubbed this my “stranger danger” mode, so needless to say this added even more stress to the already stressful “meet the family” scenario).  It took me awhile to warm up, but his family was really easy to hang out with.  His mom even gave him trouble for leaving me sitting alone while he threw away our dirty plates.  His aunts and grandma made it a point to include me in their conversations and his grandma even took me on a tour of the garden.  Overall it ended up being an enjoyable evening.  I think the next time there is a family gathering it will be even easier.  Who knows, maybe someday I might even get to the point where I don’t feel nervous at all.


Yesterday marked my first official day of summer break. Summer school ended on Thursday and all I can say is that I feel for the 4th grade teachers next year and I am glad the librarian job came around when it did.
We went to a BBQ at some friends’ house last night and had a ball. It was the first time for a few of them meeting the BF and I think it went well. He is such a smart, sociable guy I really don’t worry too much about him not getting along with people.
Speaking of the BF, he did the sweetest thing the other day. I am going on a week long vacation to visit friends in NY and he is unable to come with me due to his work schedule. He was going through his music and he told me to find the songs that reminded me of him the most and write them down. I ask him why and he tells me that he wants to make a playlist for me to take on the trip so that I can listen to it when I miss him. He was going to make it to surprise me, but he said I know better than him which songs make me think of him. Just another example of why I like him so much.
Pics of the BBQ to follow shortly.