Why is it that whenever you try to better yourself it cost money? Let me explain…I am finishing my master’s degree in educational technology, to do this I needed to pay about $100 to take the GRE just to be able to apply. I also had to pay a $45 application fee just so they would consider my application into the program. Then, of course, the classes are costing me about $1000 a pop. I got a new job as the school librarian which I am thrilled about. In order to have this job I must take another test which costs $85. Now, I am looking for study guides for this test because I hear it is hard and I don’t know much about the tiny details of running a school library. I go online and find a few books and flashcard sets, but they are going to cost me around $40 each. I finally find a downloadable ebook for $25. It is 76 pages long, so if I want to print it out to take on my vacation next week, it looks like I will have to buy more ink. My only hope is that I can download it to a flash drive and then take it with me to read on my friend’s computer.


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