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Hurry up and wait…

I knew going in that this new job was going to be a challenge as I have no experience as a librarian.  I started back at work unofficially on Monday.  I am required to work 10 additional contract days and most people do 5 days before and 5 after.  I went in Monday not knowing what exactly I needed to do.  I did my lesson plans, because that is something I am used to and I have never worried about the things I am going to teach in the library.  I sent a couple emails to the tech guy and the former librarian (who is now librarian at the high school) and told them that I was at school and ready to do what needed to be done.  I had been told by our tech guy that I needed to inventory the entire library.  I was ready, I just needed to make sure I understood the software correctly.  I sat at school for 7 hours that day doing lesson plans and researching different aspects of librarianship. I never heard back from tech guy.  At 2:00 the bf called to see how things were going and I am embarrassed to say I kind of had a meltdown over the phone.  I was crying a little and telling him that I didn’t know what I was doing.  He kindly asked if I had asked someone for help.  To which I wailed “There is NO ONE here who can help me and the people who can’t help me won’t talk to me!”  A bit dramatic, I realize, but I was at the end of my rope and I didn’t know how I was going to survive.  The bf was great, he decided that we shouldn’t go to the ballgame we had tickets for, but stay in, watch some tv and have a few drinks.  I was all for that.  We went to the grocery store,  got some hot dogs (because I was already missing the game, I didn’t want to miss the hot dogs too) and then went to the liqueur store.  Now, I need to point out that I don’t drink that often, or that much, but that night I really just wanted to forget that Monday had ever happened and pretend that I was still a 4th grade teacher who knew exactly what she was doing.  I had my hot dogs, I had multiple glasses of my UV blue raspberry vodka with lemonade and I passed out around 10pm.  I didn’t feel great in the morning, but I felt good enough to admit to my new principal that I was clueless.  She was totally okay with it and admitted that she to was feeling overwhelmed by her new job (I have worked with her in the past when she was a teacher and then asst. principal).  She told me it was completely okay for me to go home and wait until the next day when my district “buddy”  (the former librarian) came in to show me what needed to be done.

Wednesday was better.  I learned how to work the cataloging software and spent the entire day productive.  My “buddy” told me not to worry about inventory at that point.  I went in Thursday knowing that I would be ready for the beginning of school…

At 3pm on Thursday the tech guy came in and told me that I HAD to do and inventory.  I fought him, I could do it at the end of the year like many other librarians, including the ones in our district.  No, this was not an option.  MY library hadn’t been fully inventoried in the 7 years he had been there.  Then he went on to point out that the 900 section of the nonfiction was currently located in between the fiction section and the biographies.  (This is in no way correct)  Now, I decided that if I was going to be teaching these kids how to find things in the library I should probably make sure it is set up correctly.

Since 3pm Thursday I have scanned and moved 3100 books with the help of a former student.  I have more than twice that to do.  The 900 section is currently occupying 6 tables in the library.  I have some serious allergy issues going on because of all the dust on the books.  I have decided to take today off and enjoy my last Saturday before school resumes.  The bf offered to come in and help me scan books today, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I will be going in tomorrow (Sunday) to work for many hours, taking a break only to attend a baby shower.  I hope to work a good 8-10 hours tomorrow.  The BF is going to come up on Monday, after my meetings, and help me scan.  I have all day Tuesday to work.  Open house is Tuesday at 5:30.  My goal is to have the 900 section put away by then.

Wish me luck and cross your fingers.  I can’t cross my own because they currently look like claws from holding the stupid book scanner.