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So for those of you that don’t know me well I tend to worry about things a bit much.  This has never overly affected my life, except for I, as the boyfriend says, am surrounded by nervous energy.  Lately though the worrying has become more of a problem.  Almost 4 years ago I had a house built and moved into it with two of my fellow teachers.  In the process of paying for new home costs and old credit card costs I messed up my credit bad.  I am now in the process of fixing it, but I have no savings to speak of.  I have managed to make it work and I always found a way to handle whatever problem presented itself.

Three weeks ago I happened to really look close at a little used part of my basement and noticed some mold growing on the concrete walls.   I immediately freaked out, starting googling all the information I could find and thinking that now my house was ruined and I would never be able to sell it (something I hope to do in the next 5 years).  Finally I got that worry under control only to notice many vertical cracks in my walls.  Let the worry begin again…I was assured that this was normal and that as long as they are vertical they were okay.  Christmas eve, after 3 days of rain, I go downstairs to find that the cracks are leaking at the bottom.  I freak out again.

Now let me explain that when I say freak out I mean full-out anxiety attack, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, loss of appetite and even sometimes a queasy stomach.  I discovered back in October, when I ran my first book fair, that my blood pressure rises when I am under stress and this causes many of the symptoms I have experienced as well.

Now I find myself thinking every little thing I see is a problem with my house.  I thought I had a dark mark on my tile in the kitchen and freaked out for about 30 minutes until my friend figured out it was a shadow from the kitchen chair.  My parents have both been to look at my house and have assured me that the problem is fixable, but I can’t stop obsessing over the it.  It doesn’t help that now I am looking for problems and have found proof that pretty much all the cracks are leaking.

I want to have the cracks filled and the basement waterproofed, but I know I can’t afford it and I can’t get a loan due to credit issues.

My mom and I have made a plan to clean out the basement this summer and to clean the floors, because just to top things off, my cat has been using the concrete floor to pee on for about the past year and the basement smells like cat pee.

I have no idea how much all of this will cost, but I do know that I can only scrape up about $4,000 by this summer.  Meanwhile I hate to be at my house, because every time I look at the basement or see a shadow I start to have trouble breathing.

Anyone have any ideas on how to help these problems for not a lot of money?


If you drink beer…

So let me start off by saying I don’t drink beer.  That being said, over the past year I have become very educated about beer and its wide variety of brewers and flavors.  Why, you ask, would a non beer drinker suddenly become so interested in the beverage?  Well, back in February I started dating my wonderful boyfriend, Joey.  Turns out he likes beer.  Now, I realize that this is not uncommon among red blooded American men, but it turns out that Joey had taken his enjoyment of beer to the next level.  He had a website where he and a couple friends reviewed different beers once a week.  He was in contact with many craft brewers across the country and they were sending him free samples of their beer to review on this website.  Turns out Joey knows his stuff and is quite good at giving his opinion of a beer in terms the average person can understand.  He is also really good at figuring out what a person likes and then finding new beer for them to try.  He has done this with my dad.  After a few conversations with him about what he liked Joey started bringing different types of beer with him whenever we visited for my dad to try.  At Christmas I overheard my dad commenting on how Joey has now gotten him into drinking all these different types of beer that he would have never tried before.  I have seen this type of thing happen over and over.  I have seen it happen with strangers in the grocery store (one guy didn’t know what he was getting into when he happened to ask Joey what he recommended).

Unfortunately the beer reviews for the website are on a indefinite hiatus, they haven’t filmed an episode since September.  Having been witness to how much Joey likes to share his love of the craft beers (sorry Joey if that isn’t the correct term) I have been playing with an idea for awhile.  I thought, wouldn’t it be great if Joey started a blog about the beer that he drinks.  The thing is Joey is a great writer as well as a great talker, this was something that I knew he would do well.  I finally broached the subject yesterday.  I told him about wordpress and how it was free.  He seemed on board with the idea and sat down to create his blog.  Turns out he did have a lot to say.  His first review is of Rogue’s Yellow Snow IPA.  I read it, and even though I can’t stand beer, I think it’s pretty good.  I, of course, got all excited and started talking about how all the different beer magazines could find it and he could then become a professional blogger.  He is just looking at this as another way to share his opinion…so far.

The point of this post is…if you drink beer you should check out his site, Drink Outside the Box, you never know what new brews you may discover.