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I guess I do have something to blog about

I know I am not on here often and my usual excuse is that I have nothing to blog about.  Most of the time I just update my Facebook status and consider my people informed.  Well today I realized there was something I could have been blogging about…My little sister is pregnant.  She is actually due in a little over 2 weeks on Aug. 7th.  Coincidentally, her due date is also my dad’s birthday.  I guess I could have been blogging about this for the past 9 months, but oh well.  In March I got to be at the ultrasound where she found out she was having a boy.  In June I threw her a kick a$$ baby shower.  Last Saturday, my mom and I drove up to help her make some final purchases.  Now we wait until the kid comes.  I am hoping he comes on or before his due date because if he comes after I will be back at work.  Here are some pics from the shower and her big belly pic from last Saturday.

Her theme is frogs. There is a lot of frog baby stuff. My grandma made her this frog quilt.

Her hubby's baby blanket (I think), or a blanket made by the hubby's late grandma

Yeah, did I mention the theme is frogs?

3 weeks 'til due date


Florida Teacher’s Essay Becomes Rallying Cry for Respect

I recently read an article posted by one of my teacher friends that was about an essay a teacher wrote in Florida.  It was about how wrong it is to judge a teacher’s ability based on one standardized test.  I think it sums up how many teachers view the profession.  I hear often enough that teachers have no right to complain, or ask for more money, because we get summers off.  What people don’t realize is that we spend that time working extra jobs, attending classes, going to workshops (unpaid) and working in our classroom (unpaid).  During the school year you can find many teachers at my school arriving before 7 am and not leaving until 5 or 6 (our paid hours are 7:25-3:10).  Many of them are at school on Sundays doing plans as well.  We get 20 minutes for lunch during which many teachers work on lessons or with children who are struggling.  I have spent my own money buying food for students who have no food.  I once had a student perform odd jobs to earn school money so he could buy food from me to take home over the weekend because he maybe got one meal the whole weekend.  I bought warm clothes for a student and gave them to him as a secret santa gift because he didn’t have anything to wear but holey tshirts.  People don’t realize how much of our own time and money we spend with these kids.  We get $250 back in taxes.  I usually have spent that much of my own money by September.  I think everyone has an important job.  I just wish people would realize how important our jobs are and how we do it because we want to help the kids.  There are good teachers out there who put their heart and souls into the job and their students LEARN, but we can’t control what happens the day of the test.  We do our best to soothe anxiety, see that all the kids have eaten something and try not to stress the kids out about this test that could end our careers.

Here is the link to the article.  I encourage everyone to read it.

By Cynthia McCabe When people were attacking her and her fellow dedicated public school teachers, Florida fourth-grade teacher Jamee Miller got mad. And

via Florida Teacher’s Essay Becomes Rallying Cry for Respect.

Found a new blog

So I was browsing the internet and stumbled across this great blog.  The author is from Cape and her fiance is from STL.  The blog is mostly about how she has planned her wedding on a budget (she is getting married this Saturday in STL).  She also posts about books she has read and recipes she has tried.  I found myself laughing out loud at some of her posts and marveling at her creativity.  I had to email her to tell her how much I liked her blog and even though her wedding is 4 days away she promptly emailed me back.  She is definitely better at this blog thing than I am…but maybe when I have a wedding to plan I will have more to blog about.  If you want to check out her blog I am going to put it on my blog roll or you can go to

I completely agree

I was playing with stumble upon (an addiction of mine) when I stumbled onto this cartoon.  It spoke to me.  I think it sums up how a lot of teachers feel.