Auntie Me!

On August 12th at 11:03pm I became an aunt for the first time.  My little sister gave birth to a 7 pound 5 ounce, 20 3/4inch baby boy.  His name is Quinn.  I was pretty psyched to be able to see him about 20 minutes after he was born.  She went into labor around noon so my parents and I had plenty of time before the birth to drive the 3 hours to where she lives.  It is going to be hard to spoil him as much as I want with them living so far, but we are going up in a month for my sister’s 30th birthday so I’ll get to see him again.  My parents are totally loving this grandparent thing (they have been hinting about how much they want grandkids for a while now).  So I am now officially Auntie Katie.  I think it comes naturally for people to use auntie with my name instead of aunt because they rhyme.  My friend Kelly refers to me as Auntie Katie to her kids as well.  I am cool being Auntie to all my “nephews” blood related or not.

Here are some pics of Baby Quinn

Mommy and baby

Daddy and baby



Auntie Katie

He looks like his mommy


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  1. He’s so handsome, and I love that name! That’s pretty sweet that you sister had a kid, now the grandparents will be sated and will leave you alone. I’m Ryan’s parents first chance for a grandchild and I swear they think I’m nothing more than a walking uterus!


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